Level up your Solana skills by building a social dApp.

Solana is upgrading. It's time you did too. This is a hype async, weekend project for curious devs that want to go beyond hello world on Solana. We'll build PDAs, set up program security and efficient client-side interaction. You'll learn Rust, write your own custom Solana program and build a slick frontend in next.js to bring it all together.

Become a Solana pro by actually building

It's pretty hard to understand advanced concepts by just reading a twitter thread. Instead, we'll hack around with this tech ourselves and build something real.


Pick up some Rust and actually write a custom Solana Program

We're gonna go past just a hello-world program. You'll learn how to work with a primary building block on Solana - Program Derived Addresses (PDAs).


Create a Solana dApp w/ Next, Replit, and Phantom.

A Solana program is cool. But, what's even cooler is giving people a UI to connect their wallet and actually interact w/ the program :).


Deploy to the Solana network for real and impress your dog.

We're going to actually take our work outside of localhost:3000. You'll have a fully deployed Solana project by the end!

Who is this for?

If you're a dev curious about Solana or web3, this will be perfect. It helps if you have basic web dev experience and have written Rust before!

👀 Curious hackers who want to tinker w/ Solana

This is probably our biggest audience. You're just a cool dev. You're hearing all the buzz about Solana and want to learn more about it at a technical level!

🛠 Engineers that want to build cool crypto stuff

Tech moves fast already. And, crypto moves even faster lol. This is good for engineers in industry that want to build on the side and level-up their skillset.

🎓 Students that want to build their portfolio

Perfect if you're tired of your classes and want to pick up some new skills + ship a real product to put on your portfolio.

Build alongside other devs and get shit done.

Building stuff alone is lameee. Once you enroll we'll get you in a channel where you'll get to share progress with a cohort of awesome devs.

Social proof of people on discord building and learning together

Earn an NFT when you finish.

When you finish the project, you'll get your own shiny NFT delivered for free to your wallet that will be viewable on OpenSea.  

Image of NFTs when you finish a project or course
Picture of project instructor Raza

Hi, I'm Raza!

I'm a serial builder who's worked at web3 startups as a frontend dev. I contribute to multiple DAOs and have helped tens of thousands of devs get into web3 across various protocols. Connect with me here!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does this cost?

All of our projects are free and open-source! You'll never need to pay for our guides, and we'll deploy on a testnet so your total cost for this whole thing will be $0.

What's the time commitment?

The whole project will probably take you like 5-10 hours. Depends on your skill level. Most people finish it the same weekend it kicks off.

Is this live or async?

It's all async! You can work on your project on your own time. All of the content will be available to you when you enrol and you'll have access to it forever :)

Are there guides I follow to build the project?

Yup! We'll walk you through each part of the build process step by step. You'll learn all the important bits as you go along, have fun while doing it, and make it your own!

What languages do I need to know for this?

If you have programmed before in JS, C, C++ or Rust before, you're in a good spot. If you're completely new to Solana, check out this project instead.

Will I get an NFT for completing the project?

Yes ser. Every successful completion of a buildspace project is rewarded with a unique NFT! Good luck.

Ready to build?

Start your journey and build something epic!

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