starting a chapter — faqs.

what do i need to qualify to start a chapter?

if you're in college or uni, and want to start a chapter at your campus, you need to have at least 1 semester left before you graduate. if you wanna start a chapter in your city, you need to have graduated from at least 1 season of nights & weekends.

what events can i put on?

  • hack weekends — fun co-working vibes to work on your project + get feedback (keep each other accountable)

  • builder workshops — got someone who knows a lot about a specific topic? Bring em in to share they knowledge

  • irl watch parties — during the season, we have multiple live sessions a week. get everyone together in one spot to watch it together

  • demo day — get everyone together to do a demo of their progress for the week. we may be able to even give you some prizes for the best progress!

  • ship it day — weekly show and tells where you share your progress with other members from your chapter.

what resources will buildspace give me?

you'll get a buildspace brand kit with everything you need. you'll also have a direct line to buildspace hq. from time to time, depending on the event, we may send over swag! finally, everyone part of the buildspace group on your campus gets instant acceptance to nights & weekends.

how often do i need to host an event?

to be considered an active buildspace chapter, you need to hold at least 1 event a month. more is better, but that is the minimum requirement for every chapter.

what are the perks of starting a chapter?

  • official title and responsibilities you can put on your resume

  • custom page for your chapter

  • access to private chats with every other buildspace chapter

  • instant acceptance to n&w

  • quarterly 1:1 with buildspace team

how long before i find out if i can start a chapter?

we'll be reviewing all applications closely over the next two months on a rolling basis and will be inviting ppl to a chapter kickoff.

ready to start a chapter?