For the builders, hackers, and painters.

Join 500 other builders in a 6-week sprint to build out whatever idea you want over the nights & weekends. The idea you wanna build can be in any space like web3, ML/AI, gaming, bio, anything — at the end, come hang out IRL in SF.
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Deadline to apply is Oct 14
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Connect with the
world's top builders.
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Remote so you can join from anywhere.
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Mentors to get you off localhost. To users.
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Weekly check-ins to build shipping habits.

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Pick any idea.

Maybe you're already working on your next big idea. Maybe you just have a bunch of ideas you want to try out. Maybe you don't have ideas but want to build something cool. Doesn't matter what stage, N&W can help push it forward.

smol note: web3, web2, ML, AI, doesn't matter – just apply!
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Start shipping. Keep shipping.

Weekly check-ins with your crew to demo progress and help you stay motivated to keep building. You'll also link up with other builders and have the opportunity to give and receive valuable feedback re: your product.

Join sessions led by epic builders.

Every week you'll join other builders for co-building sessions. We'll also arrange kickoffs and fireside chats with incredible shippers, founders and leaders from various domains: music, art, code, hardware, and more.
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Present your project at demo day.

At the end of the 6-weeks, you'll get to show the world what you've been up to. You'll have tons of feedback and ultimately decide whether if you're ready to take the full-time leap of faith.

Come build IRL in San Francisco.

The best builders of the cohort will get a chance to come down to San Francisco and build IRL for a week! Explore what it takes to be a founder. You'll make new frens and understand whether you're ready to go from part-time passion -> full-time builder.
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Who should apply?

Nights & Weekend is designed to help you take your passions to the next level. It doesn't matter if you're already working on something, but we fully expect you to start building as soon as you enter N&W. If you can't demonstrate that during your application then this program isn't going to be for you.
N&W is perfect for you if
🧱    You love building cool shit whenever.
💪    You can commit to building and shipping.
🕸    You like or want to try building-in-public.
🚢    Your friends call you Captain.
Apply by Oct 1.
N&W is not a good fit for you if
🥲    You have never shipped anything before.
🥂    You have 0 time on weekends cuz parties.
👾    You hate trying new things.
👀    Your friends call you localhost.
Everyone starts somewhere. Try one of our projects first!

Stop dreaming. Start shipping.

Ready to gtfo localhost?
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