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OMFG I was waiting for a community like Buildspace

Buildspace allowed me to switch from web2 to web3. The projects have allowed me to take concepts which were way over my head to go directly into building. I wouldn't recommend it enough for people that are a bit intimidated by this space. The community is awesome!

WoW NFT of a user
Sneha Kuldakuram
Community manager, Polygon

Helped me launch my NFT collection!

Without Buildspace our dev @WeedleChamp would never have had the tools & confidence he needed to jump into the Web3 & NFT space.

Weedle Champ NFT
Developer, Solana Doggos

Got hired in web3!

I love everything Buildspace gives me, always bringing creative and effective projects for everyday use. It was through Buildspace that I got my first job in the Blockchain field and that I will never forget. I will be forever grateful!

Alexa Beaumont
Developer, Quicknode

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