Ship an epic Web3 app on Solana with React and Rust.

No Rust knowledge needed. This is a very nice and cool async, weekend project for curious devs that want to hack around with Solana. You'll pick up some Rust, write + deploy your first Solana program, and connect it all back to a React web3 app that will let people connect their Solana wallet + interact w/ your program.

Learn about Solana by actually building stuff lol.

It's pretty hard to understand this stuff by just reading a blog post. Instead, we'll hack around with the tech ourselves and build something real. Decide for yourself if web3 is cool or not.

Pick up some Rust and actually write a Solana Program

If you don't know Rust, don't worry. We'll go through some of the basics you need to write some Solana programs.

Create a Solana dApp w/ React, Replit, and Phantom.

A Solana program is cool. But, what's even cooler is giving people a UI to connect their wallet and actually interact w/ the program :).

Deploy to the Solana network for real and impress your dog.

We're going to actually take our work outside of localhost:3000. You'll have a fully deployed Solana project by the end!

Who is this for?

If you're a dev curious about Solana or web3 -- this will be perfect. It helps if you have basic web dev experience!

👨‍💻 Curious hackers who want to tinker w/ Solana

This is probably our biggest audience. You're just a cool dev. You're hearing all the buzz about Solana and want to learn more about it at a technical level!

🛠 Industry engineers that want to do cool crypto stuff

Tech moves fast already. And, crypto moves even faster lol. This is good for engineers in industry that want to build on the side and level-up their skillset.

🎓 Students that want to build their portfolio

If you're in college, chances are your normal classes aren't focusing on this stuff. Web3 tech is super new and can help your portfolio stand out. Plus, you'll build a cool Solana project in the process!

A live kick-off sesh to get you a lil hyped up.

Getting started can be tough. Every single one of our projects kicks off with a live session with your instructor to get everyone on the same page.

Build alongside other devs and get shit done.

Building stuff alone is lame. Once you enroll we'll get you in a channel where you'll get to share progress with a cohort of awesome devs.

Earn an NFT once you finish.

When you finish the project, you'll get your own shiny NFT delivered for free to your wallet that will be viewable on OpenSea.

Meet Your Instructor

Hi, I'm Farza!

I was part of Y-Combinator S20 and I've also worked on self-driving cars as a deep learning engineer, was the CTO of a gaming startup, and have built products that have reached millions.


What's the time commitment?

The whole project will probably take you like 5-10 hours. Depends on your skill level. Most people finish it the same weekend it kicks off.

Is this live or async?

There's one live event, that's the kick-off. After that, it's all async where you can work on your project on your own time. We also run chill co-working sessions throughout the project where you can join a room in Discord, work w/ your fellow builders, and listen to some chill beats.

Are there guides I follow to build the project?

Yup. We give instructions. But, it's mainly just a general path. These guides aren't step-by-step. We leave a lot of room for you to build whatever you want, however you want to.

I've never built crypto apps before, is that okay?

If you've never touched crypto dev before we do have this project which is more of an "intro". But, not required if you're already comfy w/ learning new tech quickly. We also have this project which is sorta like an "intro" to NFTs. You can also just hop right into this game if you really wanted.

What languages do I need to know for this?

If you don't know Rust, that's fine -- you'll pick it up during the project. Just gotta know the basics of javascript and maybe a little react.js. Also, you should know the basics of running stuff inside a terminal. Basically, if you're familiar with the basics of web dev, you can do this for sure. If you don't, you'll struggle but you'll figure it out if you put in the work. We'll support you :).

Ready to build?

Get in and build something epic.


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