100+ ideas to build rn

100+ ideas to build rn

if you don't have an idea, pick one and start building it during nights and weekends.

nights & weekends starts june 15. apply with any of the ideas below.

  1. google chrome extension to easily block or unblock all images on a page.

  2. software extension or app that shows you a list of the copied items on a clipboard.

  3. ancient language learning app.

  4. ai app providing context to your bookmarks.

  5. meal plans according to your habits + mood.

  6. app that helps ppl find the perfect houseplant based on their space and lifestyle.

  7. interactive art that changes based on your mood.

  8. app showing what music others are listening to.

  9. job app that works like tinder.

  10. ai golf swing tracker that gives feedback based on pro golfers.

  11. cam-based mood analysis app that curates content.

  12. vr tourism based on google street views.

  13. chrome extension that auto-fetches titles, view counts, length, and likes for youtube videos and displays it when mousing over links to youtube on other sites.

  14. a search function specifically designed for retrieving deleted reddit posts, comments, and threads.

  15. an extension that displays a small stock chart when a recognized stock ticker symbol is hovered over, enhancing the user's browsing experience on business/market-oriented subreddits.

  16. a url shortening service that provides users with a random url link that can either redirect to the original page or a randomly selected page from the list.

  17. a browser tracking randomizer portal that mixes up users' tracking information with noise, creating unique profiles for browsing sessions to thwart unauthorized tracking.

  18. a screensaver that plays and resumes videos from a folder during the screensaver time-frame.

  19. personalized news curation service, delivering the top stories in the user's favorite categories in a summary format.

  20. a tool that allows users to sync a windows folder with an imgur album, ensuring that both have the same images at all times.

  21. automated program/site that logs into specified accounts periodically to prevent them from being deleted due to inactivity.

  22. a script that displays the timestamp of the last page refresh, providing users with real-time information on when the page content was last updated.

  23. a client-side file upload utility that is user-friendly, extremely reliable, and compatible with various server configurations, allowing for seamless data transfer even in the event of network outages or system restarts.

  24. a chrome extension that automatically removes followers on instagram after a certain period of inactivity.

  25. a reddit tool that automatically hides link-based posts to filter and prioritize text-based posts.

  26. a collaborative social blacklist where users can share and dislike products/services they had a bad experience with.

  27. a semantic search engine designed to help users find time-sensitive events efficiently.

direct-to-consumer(apply with one of these ideas):

  1. niche online vintage thrift store by the decades.

  2. high quality vintage graphic design prints.

  3. subscription box for niche hobbies.

  4. clothing service for traveling.

  5. campervan marketplace rental.

  6. shirataki noodle company.

  7. gourmet s'more kits for fancy people.

  8. monthly facial masks targeted for men.

  9. store selling beautiful bindings of classic books.

  10. home cooked meal delivery.

  11. subscription box for international snacks and treats.

  12. airbnb but specifically for off-the-grid places.

  13. subscription box for niche book categories.

  14. a welcome mat that rings the doorbell when stood on for a set time.

  1. 24/7 music stream of all of the new ai songs.

  2. kinetic sculpture that creates music while it moves.

  3. ar music visualizer.

  4. music created w/ brainwaves using neurosity.

  5. art rave -- edm music w/ immersive ai art.

  6. artwork made out of transistor boards.

  7. ai music sampling app.

  8. 30 days of ai-generated art challenges.

  9. ai generated dance routines.

  10. photography series of the world's best bathrooms.

  11. vision pro app for immersive + guided tours of famous art installations.

  1. robot that collects dog turds in sf (yes, it's a problem here).

  2. water bottle tracks and reminds about hydration.

  3. a small phone without a screen, emphasizing on battery life and voice control.

  4. noise-suppression system for lawnmowers and gas engines in residential areas.

  5. affordable water purifying systems.

  6. automated mushroom farming.

  7. robot mma sparring.

  8. ai coffee truck that drives around serving coffee.

  9. self-cleaning litter box for cats.

  10. home gardening robot.

  11. toaster that makes toast art.

  12. luggage that follows you around in the airport.

health & wellness(apply with one of these ideas):

  1. apple vision pro yoga studio.

  2. plant-based meal planning app.

  3. mindfulness-based stress reduction app.

  4. custom blended essential oils.

  5. personalized wellness coaching app.

  6. online platform for guided meditations.

  7. healthy snack subscription for the office.

  8. custom workout routine generator.

  9. online platform for renting workout equipment.

  10. ai-powered skincare recommendation app.

education & learning(apply with one of these ideas):

  1. adaptive learning app for special needs kids.

  2. mobile app for learning coding through gaming.

  3. language learning via character-based games.

  4. subscription box with science experiments for kids.

  5. apple vision pro history lessons.

  6. diy robotics kit for teens.

  7. app teaching finance and investment basics.

  8. cultural exchange student networking app.

  9. app connecting students with tutors in real-time.

  10. online platform for learning magic tricks.

  11. ai that gives feedback on drawings and art in general.

home and lifestyle(apply with one of these ideas):

  1. personalized home decor subscription.

  2. smart, modular furniture that adapts to small living spaces.

  3. subscription box for monthly, curated selections of international beauty and skincare products.

  4. smart home gadget rental service.

  5. app for organizing recipes from various sources.

  6. artesian candle subscription service.

  7. online custom furniture retailer.

  8. ai-based home organizing app.

  9. smart pet toys.

  10. app for planning & visualizing home renovations.

  11. indoor microgreen garden kit.

  12. personalized book recommendation subscription.

games & entertainment(apply with one of these ideas):

  1. video summarizing the brief history of the human race for alien viewers curious about our culture and achievements.

  2. subscription box for board game enthusiasts.

  3. remaking old video games to enable multiplayer gameplay over the internet, allowing people to relive nostalgic gaming experiences with friends who are located in different places.

  4. ar city scavenger hunt app.

  5. apple vision pro arcade games.

  6. personalized murder mystery subscription box.

  7. app for creating and sharing custom card games.

  8. ai generated role-playing game scenarios.

  9. app for finding local game nights and tournaments.

  10. puzzle solving app with real prizes.

  11. mobile game teaching musical instrument basics.

  12. platform for hosting virtual book clubs.

  1. a coffee place specializing in delivery services, targeting a large college campus to cater to the needs of students who may not have the time to visit a physical coffee shop.

  2. personalized recipe box delivery.

  3. diy cheese making kit.

  4. non-vegan and glutenous meal delivery service.

  5. artisan tea blend subscription.

  6. online cooking class platform.

  7. homemade hot sauce company.

  8. craft beer brewing equipment rental.

  9. ai-based wine pairing app.

  10. monthly mystery global snack box.

  11. app connecting farmers with local consumers.

  1. personalized pet toy subscription box.

  2. gps tracking collar for pets.

  3. pet meal delivery service.

  4. mobile app for pet training.

  5. biodegradable pet products.

  6. subscription box for bird watching enthusiasts.

  7. luxury pet furniture retailer.

  8. dog walking app for local dog walkers.

  9. ai-based pet health tracker.

  10. service for planning pet-friendly vacations.

  1. subscription box to best snacks from diff countries.

  2. superhuman for dms.

  3. app to leave audio messages to strangers.

  4. ufo sightings maps.

  5. brokerage service for 3rd party amzn sellers.

  6. tiktok channel that debunks popular conspiracies.

  7. moving company catered to specific demographics.

  8. hydroponic herb gardens. compact + automated.

  9. content like cultural tutor but for computer history.

  10. wiki for active digital nomad visa programs.

  11.  an uber-like service that allows entrepreneurs to hire loiterers to make businesses look busy.

  12. providing a service that digitizes and serves sent-in dvds, cds, documents, and tapes, allowing users to access their data online or through physical copies.