not sure? take a look at the faqs.

is this remote or irl?

it's remote for 6 weeks. it ends with a 3-day IRL event in sf and dubai.

when do applications end? when do I find out if i got in?

applications close jan 20. season begins end of january.

wait — i thought buildspace had projects i could go through, where are those?

we still have them. we're just not creating new ones. if you wanna go through them, here's the link:

what kind of ideas are accepted?

we don't care as long as it's something you're genuinely excited about. could be in robotics, ai, software, music, whatever — just apply.

what if i have a team?

applying as a team is completely okay. only one person needs to apply. let us know in your application the other people on your team.

what if i'm already working on an idea?

that's even better. you can apply with the idea you're already doing. be sure to let us know how it's going!

who can apply?

anyone. we accept people of all ages, from all over the world. totally fine if you're a student as well.

is it seriously free?

yes. 100%. we fund these programs by partnering with companies, funds, and governments. we also don't take any equity.

is it part-time or full-time?

as long as you can work on your idea on the nights & weekends -- you're good. if you're already full-time on your idea, even better.

are my expenses covered for the IRL event?

no, you are in charge of covering your flights + accommodations. we do offer scholarships to a select few that have surprised us over six weeks.

does it have to be a brand new idea or something i am already working on?

doesn't matter if you're already working on the next big idea or in between ideas. the goal is to just ship for six weeks and iterate!

i am not in tech. can i still apply?

yes :)

aight. just apply lol.