introducing our
sf campus + sf1.

farza majeed

july 10, 2023

we’ve finally done it.

after several months of building…

today we’re finally opening the first buildspace campus located in san francisco.

it's a school.
it's a home.
it's a place for the crazy ones to pursue their wildest ideas.

we wanted to build something that we felt was missing in our schooling days.
a place where you felt safe and encouraged to go all in on your ideas.

maybe you wanna research new ai-models, create your first music album, an indie game, become a youtuber, whatever it may be.

no idea is too small that will be lost in our school.

no idea is too big that it won't fit in our home.

today's actually the first day of school.

we have picked 35 students to go all-in on their idea for the next 3 months.

these are all people that stood out during nights and weekends. their hustle + determination during n&w showed us that they were serious about taking their ideas to the next level.

they come from all over the world — mexico, venezuela, germany, france, japan, and more.

they're building all kinds of things — recording new albums, training new ai models, making viral youtube content, and more.

and now, they'll be doing this under one roof.

meet the first 35 — class of sf1.

meet the first 35 — class of sf1.

this is the beginning of a new chapter for us.

we're excited to see how far these 35 can get.

— farza

ps. the best way to be a student on campus is to try to build your idea over nights and weekends. we're currently accepting applications for season 5. you can apply here. hope to see you here soon.