apps close march 31

this is kinda like a school.

a school where you can take any idea you’re excited about, figure out how to bring it to life, and turn it into something that people give a shit about.

work on ideas that excite you.

maybe you wanna build an app.
create a youtube channel.
get your first 1000 subscribers.
launch your own game.
sell your art online.
research new ai models.

no idea is too big, or too small. we don't care if you're making robots, or producing dope beats. pursue your passions.

this is not a course.

or a step-by-step tutorial. or a bootcamp. we won’t show you how to code a web app, how to open up FL studio to record a beat, how to set up a shopify store, etc.

that knowledge is literally a google/youtube search away.

it all starts with nights and weekends.

you'll pick your own idea, build it, get feedback, and iterate. best way to learn is to just build.

we know you probably got a job, school, or whatever. that’s fine.

how it works is pretty simple.

week 1, you'll lock down your idea -- maybe you wanna make a new ai app, write a book, research new bio-tech shit, make a yt channel, whatever.

week 2, you'll create the first version of your idea if you haven't already.

each week, you'll be provided with cheat codes that help you push forward:

  • structure that keeps you accountable

  • lectures by those that have done it before

  • like-minded people to build alongside

let the games begin.

week 3, 4, 5, 6 -- you'll get put in a massive bracket where each week you'll submit an update to show your progress.

maybe you got some new users, maybe you shipped a new demo of your game, maybe you edited the first 30s of your short film, whatever.

we'll have a panel of judges that look at your update and decide if you go to the next round + we'll get you feedback if you don't make it.

at the end, we'll have our Top 16 -- that's where we'll decide who gets the $100,000.

irl in sf and dubai.

after it's all said and done, everyone who participated is invited out to a 3-day IRL event in SF and Dubai at the end of May.

what happens after 6 weeks?

we'll identify the people hustling and creating interesting things and invite them to build with us full-time for 6-months in SF.

oh. and it's 100% free.

you're ready. start making cool shit.

still got questions? head over to faq.