s4 irl — sf + dubai


it's time — here are all the details for irl in sf and dubai.

if you've submitted 3/6 of the weekly updates -- then you're invited.

we have 3 more updates until the end of s4 -- plus, w1, w2, w3 updates are still live.

hint: better to submit late than never ;).

if you plan to come, we recommend buying flights + lodging asap to get the best price.

this will be first come first serve and you must register for the event.

last season, we had 200+ ppl attend sf & 100+ ppl attend dubai. it was insane. we made a lil video. take a look:

general info

both events are basically the same in terms of what we actually do there. i highly recommend going to one.

it'll be a healthy amount of hanging out with cool people, and actually getting shit done. these events are always my favorite part of n&w. why? well. cause we all get to meet each other + push our ideas forward.

it's not everyday you can gather a bunch of driven people under the same roof.

you may be wondering -- should i go to sf or dubai?

basically it comes down to hotel prices and your visa situation.

sf lodging is a bit more expensive. you'll likely spend like $300 just on lodging. there are cheaper options, but you gotta share a room. dubai is generally way cheaper (you can get a solid hotel for $50 a night) and way easier to get a visa.

but, depends on where you're from + your budget!!

if you're not sure -- i recommend watching the videos for both events below, doing the numbers yourself, and seeing how much it'd be for you. all we can give you are estimates.

sf irl is sept 22 - 24.

recommended airport: SFO.

we recommend flying in on sept 21, and flying out sept 25.

day 1 + day 2 will be 11am - 8pm.

day 3 will be 11am - 10pm.

venue: Fort Mason Center — pier 2

watch the video below to get hotels, airport + other info. ideally, pick a spot that is a 15-20m walk/ride to the venue.

please stay away from certain areas: tenderloin, soma, civic center, and nob hill.

dubai irl is sept 29 - oct 1.

recommended airport: DXB.

we recommend flying in on sept 28, and flying out oct 2.

day 1 + day 2 will be 11am - 8pm.

day 3 will be 11am - 10pm.

venue: Alserkal Avenue in Al Quoz, Dubai - A1.

watch the video below to get hotels, airport + other info. ideally, pick a spot that is a 15-20m ride to the venue.

both venues are pretty massive and can comfortably hold like ~200 people.

also -- got visa questions? please google it! we can't possibly answer every visa question. the only help we can offer atm is an official letter of invitation. if you need one, pls fill out this form to request one.


please register asap.

in order to register for a spot, you must show us proof of your flight or lodging. if you're local, we'll ask for proof of address. after you register, make sure you receive an email confirmation from mari.

confirmation emails are sent on tuesdays, thursdays and saturdays at 5pm pt. if you haven't received one, pls email mari directly at maricris@buildspace.so.

remember, this is first come first serve. once we fill up -- we will close registration. as long as those forms above are open, it means we have spots available.


if you're someone looking for sponsorship, please fill out this form.

deadline to submit for sponsorship is sept 5 11:59pm pt.

you'll receive an email about whether or not you've received a scholarship on friday, sept. 8th at 5pm.

we're only gonna pick 10 people.

please only fill this out if you truly need the money and are broke. we'll pick people based on how they're doing in s4. we look at all your weekly updates. so, impress us!

other questions?

if you have any questions -- please email maricris@buildspace.so she will get back to you asap.

see ya at irl :)