welcome to week 1.

we're so glad that you made it. ty for showing up.

here's all the info you'll need for this week.

watch recording of lecture #1.

all lecture recordings are now available in the os.

you can find them in the recordings folder on the right (highlighted red). you can also submit your weekly updates from the os. it's right below the countdown clock.

we highly recommend you either installing the the os (step 4 here) for the next 6 weeks. it's where you can get all of the info for the season.

you can also find lecture #1 here. it's not actually 3 hrs btw lol.
starts at: 29:01
ends at: 01:39:00

watch recording of lab# 1.

we just had our first lab. definitely watch it if you feel like you're struggling with coming up with a good one-liner.

we reviewed a ton of ppl's slides. it was pretty fun. we had a live audience giving feedback too.

don't worry if you missed it, you can watch the recordings here.

catch up.

it's okay if you missed the kickoff or feel behind, you can click here to go through all the kickoff steps — it's pretty simply + easy to catch up.

really though, don't feel like if you miss a lecture/lab then you're out of nights and weekends. just show up whenever you can each week and make progress.

go ahead and rsvp for the next 4 streams.

for the next 6-weeks we'll have streams tuesday and thursday at 10:30am pt. that's the scheudle.

rsvp to each individually.

we also have master calendar here to make it easy.

watch the video below to see how to subscribe to the calendar. note it's confusing but the word "subscribe" does nothing lol.

also, they will be recorded but we highly recommend showing up live — even if it's not convenient. often people say they'll watch the recordings and then never do. live forces you to show up.

at 0:14 we show you how you can sub to the calendar.

week 1 update is monday, june 24 @ 11:59 pm pt extended till thursday, june 27 @11:59 pm pt.

you gotta watch the first lecture to fully understand what all is needed for the first week. the link to the recording is in the os.

the weekly update is a simple form you fill out each week on sage, check it out real quick and scroll through it to get an idea of what you gotta submit.

if you are on a team, everyone in the team must submit individually.

see and submit update 1 here.

required steps for weekly update #1.

01 — get the template for making your idea slide.

first, you'll need to create your idea slide on canva via the template we used in the lecture.

here's the wide template for twitter + linkedin.
here's the vertical template for instagram + tiktok.

we gotchu if you prefer to use figma.

here are some instructions on how to use canva if you've never used it before. it's pretty straightforward.

02 — post it on instagram/x/linkedin or wherever so we + others can see :)

we want you to get the idea out of your head and into the world.

be brave!

feel free to get creative, you can do something as polished as this, or quick as this.

optional: if you want your post to get more visibility — you can tag @_buildspace or @_nightsweekends for twitter + instagram, @buildspace on linkedin.

i recommend you "cc" us like below.

a note on instagram.

we're gonna have "add yours" templates on our nights and weekends accounts stories btw.

we're just gonna vibe there and chill. so, drop by and share your whatever you're working on if you want :)

03 — give feedback to 3 others.

go ahead and publicly give 3 other individuals feedback on their idea on twitter , instagram, or linkedin. simply reply to their idea slide and give them your honest take about their idea.

don't just say: "great idea!" or "wow!"

actually comment on ideas you truly have real feedback on, or have interest in. tell people what you really think.

and if you wanna actually use/be a part of what someone is building or be an early user — let them know!

optional: we also got instagram reels.

we know most of you haven't made a reel /short ever.

its scary as hell and you don't wanna be cringe.

don't just post the idea slide with music. actually explain what you're working on.

you should take this shot. you never know what may happen…

plus -- it's simple af, and you should take a shot.

the template is the idea slide you opened in canva earlier.

that's all! if you have questions or want help, ping s5@buildspace.so.

here is jeffrey's example for reference.

and if you're not sure about how to do this, we've created a really simple tutorial for you all to post your idea slide to reels.

p.s. the video controls are on the bottom of the video. yeah, kinda hard to see. sorry!

don't forget — update #1 is due monday, june 24 @ 11:59 pm pt thursday, june 27 @11:59 pm pt.

rsvp for the next two streams.