is this full time?

ideally you're with us irl 5 days of the week. we're flexible tho. if you wanna be part time irl (3 days of the week) just let us know why in your application.

what if i don’t have a visa to be in the us for 3-mo?

we can't help with actually getting your visa. we'd recommend going through the stated guildelines to obtain a travel visa from the country you reside in.

how much does it cost to live in sf for 3-mo?

depends on how you live. this can be as low as $7k (aka the farza origin story option) or as high as $17k - check this notion doc for more info.

does it have to be a brand new idea or something i am already working on?

doesn't matter if you're already working on the next big idea or in between ideas. the goal is to go all in on something, anything you find interesting for 3 months and continuously iterate.

where would i live?

airbnb + hotels are pricey, but hostels and furnished rentals can be reasonable. fyi buildspace is located here, and you’d be here monday to friday for 3 months. you should stay within 20 mins walking distance.

i need help with housing!

accommodations are on you but we're happy to help you find a housing option that fits your budget. check out the notion doc for more info.


s5 will be announced shortly