we built a

and it might be the coolest thing we've done (yet).

we built a

and it might be the coolest thing we've done (yet).

we built a

and it might be the coolest thing we've done (yet).


my name’s farza — i’m the founder of buildspace.

who knows how you found out about this thing we call buildspace…

maybe it was a tutorial we wrote, a funny skit you saw from us, whatever.
but, somehow, you made it to the words on this page.

for most of our history we’ve run things purely online — mainly nights & weekends.

but, we’re finding that some people really want to try going all-in on their idea — maybe its an app idea they have, an album they wanna record, a youtube channel they wanna grow, whatever. basically, we’re finding a lot of people want to do what they’re doing on the nights & weekends but full-time.

we’re now excited to introduce the first physical branch of our school.

it’s going to be 3-months in san francisco starting on july 10.

how it works.

it’s pretty simple.

for 3-months, you’ll work on your idea.

it’s a place where you can freely mess around with your idea and iterate on it alongside 30 other people each working on their own things.

if you don’t have an idea you’ve settled on, well — you’ll focus on that week one lol.

you’ll be surrounded by artists, creators, founders and ppl from all walks of life on totally different paths than you, but who want to go all in with their ideas.

the school itself is a 3,000 square foot facility we just finished construction on. it’s right by the golden gate bridge and you’ll get a desk right next to the people who actually created buildspace.

but, i wanna be clear.

this is the first batch of our physical program.

we’re not promising you much.

at the end of the day, we don’t have some sort of magical curriculum that’ll make your idea pop off. what we can promise you is: a friendly community of 30 people, a place to work, and office hours + lectures once a week to keep you moving.

that’s it.

the rest is up to you.

every week you’ll build, you’ll launch, you’ll learn, and you’ll iterate. in many ways — it’s just like nights & weekends. but, it’s irl and 3-months long. it’s a safe place to give your dream a shot.

the goal.

maybe you make music on the weekends outside of your day job. ideally you make an entire album for the world to hear.

maybe you have friends who won't shut up about your macarons. ideally you open up that patisserie you've always wanted to.

maybe you have 10 side projects and don't know where to start. ideally you pick the one that excites you the most and launch it!

by the end, we want you to have found the idea that you’re passionate about working on longer-term + make meaningful progress on it.

ideally, we want you to have figured out how to keep pursuing it after the 3-months is over.

that means you figure out how to make enough money from your project to sustain you financially, so you can keep working on something you love full-time.

oh, and it's tuition free.

we’re not charging any of the first 30 students.

again, this is the first batch. this is all very experimental. at the end of the day, we’re taking a chance on the first 30 students. and, the first are taking a chance on us.

all you’d need are the funds to actually live in sf for 3-months. more on that in the faq.

still got questions? head over to faq.